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An Edan Jacob Levy Production

A film by Inbar Caspi

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A woman wakes up in a desolate theater. Her memory is fragmented as she struggles to remember what happened. Something that separated her from Libby; her soulmate, her heart. She's trying to call her, locate her, trying to understand, to remember. She tries to retrace what had happened, what caused them to separate from each other. Outside of herself, in the distance, beyond the “backstage”, a therapy session is in progress.

This is Libby’s therapy, which the woman can hear. The session evokes the anxiety, horror, and the traumatizing memory of the rape she had been a victim of. The woman, that is, Libby’s consciousness, who is now separated from Libby, due to the trauma, is forced, yet again, to make a choice. Whether to reunite the pieces together or allow herself to split again, lose Libby again and to protect herself from the monstrous memory. Until the next time she will find the strength to attempt reuniting into a one, whole woman. 

“Libby and I” is a short film which examines the dissociation, repression and the traumatic split that comes from within, (the human experience) while coping with being a victim of rape.

Inbar Caspi

Executive Producer, Writer, Director

Edan Jacob Levy

Producer, Production Manager, Psychologist Voice Over

Yulia Plotkin Oz


Eden Azar

Libby (heart)

Sean Levin

Attacker, Lead Dancer.

Katerina Savina

Director of Photography

Daniel Elior


Adi Sav

Editor, Sound Effects Editor,

Foley artist

Daniel Royzman

Associate producer, Dance Captain

Yoram & Mirela Caspi

Executive Producers

Amir Geva

Associate producer

Zevik Perry

Original Music

Miryam Rubinov


Roey Mula

Sound Recordist, Sound Desing and Mix

Amit Bensangi

Visual Effects

Gal Hefets

First Assistant Camera

Loren Trabelsi

Second Assistant Camera / DIT

Yaron Levin


Tomer Vildorf


Karolina Marku

Special Effects Makeup Artist

Assaf Arviv

Colour Grading

Ofir Habot

First Assistant Director

Nur Stadler

Boom Operator

Talia Baruchyan

Script Supervisor

Shira Caspi

Hair and Makeup

Lihi Karni

Second Hair and Makeup

Bar Elbaz

Set Dresser


Sheira Lempel, Eden Zino, Adi Volivovich, Noa Habot

Bar July Bublil, Nativ Tamim, Meirav Yallouz, May Ben Shushan

Lipaz Kullock, Yuval Bar Lev, Dima Zahran, Ariela Baraka Ben-Dov

Maya Bernd, Maya brand feigenbaum, Ofir Bney Israeli

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