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Producing & Filmmaking

Hey friend, I’m Edan (ee-dahn) Jacob Levy, a filmmaker, producer, writer, and actor. I’m blessed and grateful for being able to tell stories, collaborate and make meaningful projects with exceptionally profound and unique artists. I collaborate in various ways, platforms, and mediums across continents. I’m currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel, after living, studying, and working in New York City between 2010 and 2021.

I enjoy being a part of stories where the conscious and subconscious mind meet; creating a surreal world where the “rules” of reality can be bent, and familiar conceptions questioned. Stories that unlock and expand on the many mysteries and layers of the subconscious mind, stories that reflect the human experience through a surreal world where reality is a mere suggestion, or reflection of our own filtered, existential mind. Stories that ultimately shine a light in the dark of this being human.

I am a committed and dedicated producer to every artist I work with. I like the challenge and reward of the indie cinematic world and how to integrate the creator’s vision and storytelling within the limits of the production without risking artistic integrity. Also, I like problem solving...

Check out some of my work below, and thanks for stopping by.

Selected Projects

Libby and I

Written and Directed by Inbar Caspi

Short film

A disoriented woman wakes up in an empty theater separated from Libby; her heart. She tries to retrace what caused them to split. Outside of herself a therapy session is in progress.

Libby and I is a short film which examines the dissociation and repression that comes while coping with being a rape victim.


Weezy Goes Outside

Written by Heloise Wilson

Pilot created and produced by little y and Edan Jacob Levy

A quirky, shy and awkward woman, Weezy, is a recent immigrant to New York City and a coding genius with aspirations to join a fabulous tech startup. After the tragic death of her beloved goldfish, surreal and unexpected events pull her out the door and into a world full of mysterious apparitions, urban encounters and magical realism.

Weezy Goes Outside was selected for The

Emmy Academy & Catalyst Story Institute’s inaugural mentorship program. It was an official selection for the 2020 Coney Island Film Festival, SOHO Int. Film Festival, Rome Independent Prisma Awards, Lighthouse Int. Film Festival & the 2021 Ramsgate Int. Film & TV festival.


Written and Directed by Amnon Carmi


Louisa, head chef of a critically acclaimed restaurant, discovers her sense of taste and smell are gone after recovering from COVID-19. On the brink of financial devastation, she must appease her investors with a number of new dishes. She and her sous chef, Daniel, spend days thinking outside the box to solve the problem. Then her investors pop in for a surprise visit.

Tasteless Poster 02-18-22_IMDb.png

Suddenly, Banana

Written by Yair Ben-Dor, Rafael Svarin & Edan Jacob Levy

Short film

In the midst of a friendly argument about politics, Oded, a young Israeli immigrant, and his best buds Christoph, a young German immigrant and Noelia, decide to get high instead of talking about politics. When an unexpected visitor arrives.

Suddenly, Banana was an official selection of The 2018 Chelsea Film Festival (NYC) , and The 2018 Lighthouse International Film Festival (NJ) 

There Were Times
Music & Lyrics by Yalon Levy
Music video

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